Team spicey team

The right amount of spice makes our solutions tasty

Markus Melber, Engineering Manager - Nov 10, 2022

We are Team Spicy Team. No, that's not a typo. We like spicy food and teamwork is our top priority - all clear so far, right?

Currently we consist of a product owner, an agile coach, three full-stack developers and an engineering manager. By the way, we are looking forward to strengthening our team! If you work in UI/UX or like to develop with PHP and React, make sure to check out our jobs page.

What do we do? We make sure that our customers enjoy spending time on to browse our webshop and product range. It is especially important to us to inspire customers in order to find their next dream instrument as easy as possible - true to our company mission: “We create the most inspiring online shopping experience for musicians worldwide”.

The wishes of our affiliate partners are just as important to us as the wishes of the product management team. We always welcome customer feedback on bugs and improvements. We give the Cyberweek pages in our webshop the latest coat of paint and distribute the cookies of our cookie grandma ;)

And what else? We're a diverse bunch: from the crazy Thai food cook Markus with homegrown chilis, the series binge expert and swimmer Daniel, dog owner and footballer Micha, mediator and basketball lover Maria, Super Bowl night live spectator & music producer Juli, video games expert and french speaking jokester Kevin, Lazar, proud old-man to two boys, electric bass connoisseur, weekend warrior musician, to the quiet family man Waqas with a penchant for cricket - we've got it all.

We use Scrum to organize ourselves and our late morning daily is the perfect time to discuss the day with our early birds and late risers. We also like to joke and laugh, because we don't want things to get too formal.

In addition, we work fully remote across Germany, but several times a year we do meet in person for team events or an on-site retro and get-togethers.

Why should you choose Team Spicy Team? Quite simple: we solve challenges together. Your work becomes visible for thousands of musicians and customers on Most important: we are a team that sticks together and has fun. So if you like to joke around and still want to work competently and focused, you are exactly right with us.

Our offices

Remote. Distributed. Together.

Work from home or any of our offices. Our team is 100% remote and will stay this way. You need a stable internet connection and your laptop. Currently our way of work supports the EU.


Our Thomann headquarters. Just a few minutes’ drive outside of Bamberg. Come by to visit our shop or meet with colleagues outside of tech & data.


Our office in the heart of Berlin. Easily reachable at Rosenthaler Platz. Perfect for workshops and team building.


Our office in Nuremberg's metropolitan area. Just a few minutes by foot from Erlangen station. Nice, quiet location to do some deep work.

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The right amount of spice makes our solutions tasty

The right amount of spice makes our solutions tasty

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