Backend/php Developer (f/m/d) for Tech & Data Team


That's the deal

We are the Tech & Data Team. We are a colorful mix of developers, system administrators, designers, product owners, agile coaches, data engineers and many more. Whether from our offices in Erlangen and Berlin or remotely: We work every day to provide an unique and inspiring e-commerce experience for our Thomann customers worldwide.

For our  Tech & Data Team we are looking for a Backend/php Developer (f/m/d) to work at our offices Treppendorf, Berlin, Aschaffenburg, Erlangen and Iserlohn.

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What you will be doing

  • You implement back-end features to our platforms (web, app) and then don’t just say “Front end colleagues, now the ball is in your court” but show team spirit.
  • You write well-structured and tested code that scales easily.
  • You support your colleagues and let them benefit from your experience.

Examples from our everyday work:

  • You could ensure that our product search works even faster and more precisely, diving deep into Solr.
  • In cooperation with our IT department, you could integrate new, international payment methods. Ever heard of the Belfius Pay button? Neither have we.

What you offer

  • You have work experience as a back end developer, preferably in e-commerce.
  • You can work with current and proven web technologies: php (object-oriented) and MySQL. In addition, you are proficient in at least one other technology (preferably node.js, Go or Rust).
  • Coding is your passion and you are proud of what you have released at the end of the day (and yes, we always release as fast as we can, sometimes several times a day).
  • You want to excite hundreds of customers with your work and don't lose sight of the big picture.
  • For you, there is nothing better than passing on your knowledge and learnings and taking on responsibility.
  • You are self-reflective and like to get actively involved in professional discussions.
  • You would also like to work on projects other than back end related tasks. Ideally, you already have experience in the front end (e.g. JavaScript, React)

Our tech stack

  • Store back end: We have completed the migration to php 7.4 and are already looking forward to using php 8. We have full responsibility for our framework and follow established standards (e.g. PSR) during development.
  • Front end: As template engines we use React on the client side and Twig on the server side. We use “less” as our CSS preprocessor.
  • We build and transpile everything our front end needs via Webpack and Babel.
  • With Docker and Openshift we are heading for a container future and make the port of Hamburg look weak.
  • MySQL, Memcached & Solr provide our customers with reliable and fast data.
  • App: React Native and GraphQL.

What we offer

  • Fair salary and permanent employment
  • Flexible with working hours and location
  • Thomann discount for employees
  • Work equipment as requested

If you'd like to start immediately

Our application process

1. Getting to know you

30 minutes
you & recruiting

The first interview with one of our recruiters helps both of us to see if our ideas and values match.

2. Technical interview

60 minutes
you & specialists

You'll get to know a part of our team and get a chance to score with technical knowledge. In addition, you might ask anything you want to know.

3. Tryout task & debriefing

60 minutes
you & specialists

You'll receive a task that would fit your new role. You'll be ask to prepare the task either at home or live with some of our team members. Afterwards, there will be a debriefing with team members from your future department.

4. Leadership interview

60 minutes
remote or in office
you & leadership

Last, you'll get to know some team members of our leadership community. If this is a fit, too, you'll receive an offer from us.

It might occur for some positions that we adjust the process. This means you might get to know some more team members or get a more detailed chance to see your new role in action.

Got any of dem benefits?

A job you can grow old with
Each team uses state-of-the-art tech and tool stacks
Regular team events
The equipment you want
Remote first team setup
Thomann employee discount
Time and budget to educate yourself
Projects that really (we swear!) will go live
A passionate industry with thankful customers
Flexible working hours
An onboarding buddy to never be alone

Our offices

Remote. Distributed. Together.

Work from home or any of our offices. Our team is 100% remote and will stay this way. You need a stable internet connection and your laptop.


Our Thomann headquarters. Just a few minutes drive outside of Bamberg. Come by to visit our shop or meet with colleagues apart from tech & data.


Our office in the heart of Berlin. Easily reachable at Rosenthaler Platz. Perfect for workshops and team building.


Our office in Nuremberg's metropolitan area. Just a few minutes by foot from Erlangen station. Nice, quiet location to do some deep work.

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